Monday, July 12, 2021


Speak, Listen, Learn, join clubs at ClubHouse

 This is the latest social media thing going around in the globe.

"ClubHouse" is the latest social media platform which has come to the playground, which the slogan says as "Drop In Audio Chat".

However, it has come to the notice of many people and is performing very well in the short time period since it was launched.

What is ClubHouse in simple?
It is simply another social platform where people can create clubs, get like minded people together and have a group chat together. Yes, a group chat.
However, this has a fascinating method for that. There are rooms where people can create inside/outside those clubs. A room is a place where people can get together.

In this room, there are 2 types of people. People who are talking and people who are listening. Any listener can raise their hand and if the room moderators are willing, the listener can come to the speaking group, where it is called as the "stage".

The one and only pro and con in ClubHouse is, the one and only method of communicating inside clubhouse is by talking. If you want to show/tell/elaborate something, anything, you have to talk.

Due to this reason it self, there are huge number of clubs have been created mainly for sharing knowledge, having discussions, teaching people, specially improving language skills. This has become a huge leaning platform for many.

Currently the platform is only for members only and you would need an invitation to join clubhouse. You cannot simply download the app and register. (Every new person gets registered receive 5 invitation allowance and time to time new allowances as his/her invitees join. (At the moment, I have totally received like 20 invitation allowances and 6 remains with me. a.k.a. I have invited 14 people.)

I my self installed and got in to clubhouse from a friend invitation during last june, and this feels like having a great future.
I also connected to few foreign and local clubs on the platform and also had few talks/discussions too. It was a superb experience. 

Meanwhile, I also was able to create few clubs my self.

So, inviting to join with clubhouse (if you could find an invitation) and join with my clubs too.

My profile on ClubHouse

My Clubs on ClubHouse

Practice English Sri Lanka =

Learn Photography = 

There is a FB group for local clubhouse fans and you can go to that using thet link below.

I was able to list down most clubhouse local (sri lankan) groups and you can go to that list using the link below.

If you don't have an invitation, and if you want to join without being in the waiting list, use the link below to enter in to clubhouse and be a club member of one of my clubs.

So, am inviting anyone interested to join clubhouse and don't forget to follow me also. 

Good Luck. 


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