Saturday, October 3, 2020


Own a personal Library? Maintaining an Index? This is my story

When I was small, my parents had bought me some story books. So, there were some books I owned when I moved to the Collage from the Junior school. Seeing the large library at the collage fascinated me and I started reading like a madness. My father was also an employee of the same school in the administration and therefore, I got a chance of borrowing more than 2 books from the library at a single time. (Actually I borrowed like 10-12 books at once) And its only 2 weeks and those books were finished.

I wanted to have my own library those days. I told you before, I had some books, like 50 story books at home. So, what I did was gave numbers to those books, like 001, 002, 003, 004….. and paste a paper on the back side of the cover, like in libraries, to write the lender name, date, etc. Ah, I also made that card system to keep record of the people who borrow the book. But the thing was the only borrowers of the books from my little library was my self and my sister. 😀

The story goes on. Read the full article on my new personal web site. Click here or the link below.


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